With the sustainability calculator you can determine the maturity level of companies or organizations depending on their sustainability. You will learn the important aspects of the evaluation.

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Answer the questions and tick one answer per question. Please enter the industry of the company or organization for which you have made the assessment. If you press "Next", you receive an evaluation that shows your company compared to the industry average of your industry. This evaluation can also be saved on your computer by clicking on the appropriate button.

Management and stakeholders expect a sustainable management

Is not known
Our management thinks sustainability is important, but there has been little concrete action
Our management encourages us to save resources and reduce emissions
We strive through various actions a balance between the expectations of the stakeholders and the requirements of the sustainability
We have identified all stakeholders and are in constant contact in order to improve the satisfaction regarding the sustainability
The stakeholder satisfaction is measured continuously and helps us to be sustainable in all areas and to continue to improve

All that the organization uses, is considered as a resource and optimized accordingly

We buy resources where it's cheap
Our purchasing ensures that is bought from reliable vendors in our view
We rank our suppliers and prefer suppliers that are measurable reliable in the most categories
We consider the resources among the different aspects of sustainability (Renewable / non-renewable, responsible for the process chain of suppliers, environmental, economic, social) and are managed according to the consumption
The different aspects of the resources are used for management of resources based on key indicator, we have an active supplier management
Employees are trained in sustainability and continuous improvement, so that a climate of continuous improvement optimizes all aspects of resource

Non-renewable resources are steadily being replaced by renewable

We have not thought about it
We think about it, but in our company are little starting points, since that is not possible with our products or very difficult
We are thinking about it, to use renewable energy
In the energy and commodities sector, we have been using renewable resources
The aspects of renewability is consequently analyzed in all resources on the possibility of improving it
We use only renewable resources as far as possible. Projects to further reduce non-renewable are in progress

The organization is responsible for production of the resource

The products / services of suppliers really do not care in relation to sustainability
A few aspects of the sustainability of suppliers we consider today (e.g., social aspects)
We have too little power over our suppliers and can barely put pressure regarding the production of resources
We are in dialogue with our suppliers about conditions in the production of resources and try to win them to new ideas
Together with the suppliers are working on the improvement in sustainability in the creation of resources
With key suppliers, we have formed partnerships to live together sustainability in manufacturing processes

The organization is responsible for the entire life cycle of products

We have enough to do to produce the products at a reasonable price.
We meet the legal requirements for recycling
In some cases, we have ensured an easy to implement recycling of our products and the selection of environmentally friendly materials
In product development, attention is paid to the recyclability
Opportunities through the re-use or reclamation of the products are developed and used
We feel completely responsible for our products and have established new business opportunities for the reuse of parts of our products

Everything that leaves the organization (emissions) is subject to constant improvement

The legal requirements are already strict enough
There are from time to time suggestions of how to reduce waste, etc
Reduction of air and water is our focus
First indicators help us to regulate these things
Key figures control all emissions
Everything is covered with figures leaves the organization and leads to improvements

A sustainable organization is trying to be successful in the long term in the market

Our share owners are only interested in the next 6 months
If we knew how to do it, it would be a beautiful thing?
We have a vision of our future and from this, we develop our strategic focus
Market monitoring and regular dialogues with our customers helps us be actually
Our clients are actively involved in relevant areas of the organization
All stakeholders actively support us in the long-term direction of the organization

A sustainable organization is considered to be a good neighbor

We have not yet thought
We have from time to time contact with the Mayor
We are in contact with the community, schools, etc. and are committed locally
We visibly involved in the community and are awarded for some actions
We accept matching competitions and strive to do well
We regularly receive awards as a good neighbor, best employers, etc.

The success of a sustainable organization is measured by the satisfaction of customers, employees and stakeholders

This has not yet recognized in our company
We hardly get complaints, so they will probably all be satisfied
Customer satisfaction is measured
Customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction are important indicators for success
Customer and employee satisfaction are key variables for success. And with other stakeholders, we conduct intensive dialogue
We have a comprehensive performance measurement system on the satisfactions of the relevant groups and derive constant improvements resulting from

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